Artistic Grave Monuments | Cross Grave Markers | Welded Artworks

made of brass, bronze, corten steel (rusted steel) or stainless steel

(+) with additional WALLPAPER-VIEWS!

Grave Cross
stainless steel | € ,-net
Rusty Grave Cross
rusted and stainless steel | € ,-net

Grave Monument
rusted steel & bronze

Cementary Memorial
welded & grinded

Cementary Memorial
welded & polished

Cross Gravestone

Grave Cross
melted bronze | € 5.000,-net

Grave Cross
melted bronze | € 4.000,-net

Grave Sculpture 'Tree Of Life'

Urn Sculpture

'Resurrection Christ'

Stainless Steel Cross

Polished Grave Cross

Polished Grave Cross

Modern Grave Cross

Modern Tombstone Design

Contemporary Grave

Unique Grave Sculpture

Unique Stainless Steel Grave

Unique Bronze Grave

Welded Grave Monument

Memorial Plaque

Artistic Vase
€ 2.000,-net

Artistic Grave Marker

Cross Grave Marker

Cross Grave Marker
€ 4.000,-net

Cross Grave Marker
€ 4.000,-net

Grave Stone 'Branch'

Artistic Tombstone
River Stone

Modern Grave Marker
'Red Disk'

Artistic Grave Cross
welded with brass

Grave Monument Gallery

Artistic Grave Monument

Grave Marker
welded bronze

Grave Sculpture | Rock

Grave For Mountaineer

Grave Cross
scarfed stainless steel

Grave For Mountaineer 2

Modern Grave Design

Grave Sculpture 'Angel'

Gravestone With Wreath

Grave Sculpture

Cross Grave Marker
rusted steel

Cross with Rock Crystal

Grave Sculpture 'Ball'

Unique Grave Monument

Gravestone And Cross

Gravestone And Cross 2

Exclusive Grave Monument

Grave Monument | Welded Bronce

Grave Monument | Brass, Bronce

Grave Monument | Bronce

Contamporary Montrance Cross

Grave Cross | Bronce

Grave Cross | Welded Stainless Steel

Iron Grave Cross

Sculpture | Grave Monument

Grave Sculpture | Stainless

Grave Sculpture | Brass

'Tree Of Life'

Grave Monument

Grave Monument | Welded Bronce

Grave Monument For A Child

Grave Monument Of Family Gahr

Grave Monument | Bronce

Grave Cross | Brass, Bronce

Monstrance Grave Cross

Grave Monument | Glass Lantern

Monstrance Cross

'Resurrection Christ'

Grave Monument | Marble, Bronce

Grave Cross | Marble, Steel

Grave Monument

Grave Monument 'Arise And Fade'

Grave Cross (Triple-Group)

Grave Cross | Cut With Gas

Mountain Cross